What I Ate Wednesday 17.12.2015

Hey guys,
So today’s post is going to be very short, not only as it’s later than usual, but also because my boyfriend is home today, so I’ve forgotten to take photos and just want to spend time with him.
My breakfast was a dull and quick choice of mango.
Usually, I would really enjoy this; however, I had someone Christmas present staring at me whilst I ate it, which just made me crave chocolate.
After a large amount of snacking on quality street, and other things that I shouldn’t be eating, I had a delicious lunch of smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich and a mince pie, followed by dinner of an un-photographed Indian takeaway because it was my boyfriend's mum's birthday.
This post was rushed and slacking, but all I really want right now is my boyfriend, so I am going to go and spend time with him.


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