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2016 Goals Review

As some of you will remember, this time a year ago, I released what was thought to be my goals for this year. On the list, I basically included everything that I had wanted to achieve, and now, exactly one year later, I thought I would do a small review to let everyone know how much of a failure I truly am.
2016 Blog More Find a job/Apprenticeship I Enjoy YouTube Make More Films Take More Photos Write Some Books Edit Books More Create a Choice Book Open my Clay Shop See People More Focus More On Me Actually Write In Calendar/Diary Cook More

 As you can probably already assume from the tone of this, I don’t actually think I managed to achieve any of the goals I set out – I’ve hardly blogged, I haven’t worked on any writing, film or clay projects, and my organization has been at an all-time low.
I did go out a bit more than I had in 2015, and found an apprenticeship I sort of enjoy, but it’s safe to say that the start of the year was still a complete roller-coaster.
I’m sure it’s not as bad as my littl…

The Boys in the Band Review

First performed in in 1968, Mart Crowley’s ‘The Boys in the Band’ has been revived once again, featuring appearances from the likes of Mark Gatiss, Ian Hallard, and James Holmes. Described by James Holmes as “gays in a room”, the play revolves around a group of gay friends in New York, who meet up to celebrate Harold’s (played by Mark Gatiss) fortysomething birthday. Organised by Michael (Ian Hallard), the birthday party commences, but comedy quickly deteriorates as alcohol is drunk and weed is smoked, leading to, what can only be described as, despair (but let’s face it, we’ve all been there before). 
Characters are drip-fed onto stage throughout Act 1, and as each of them enters, their clear independence is displayed, as you would expect from a group of friends. They interact well with each other, but without losing who they truly are, which certainly helped to create one of the most realistic pieces of theater that I haves seen to date.
On top of this, there are clearly character …

The Twenties Project

To say that life hasn’t been manic would certainly be an understatement of the year.
I can’t work out whether I am trying to do too much, or if life just wants me to rush around like a headless chicken, but I have desperately tried to get everything done, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. And since recently turning 20, I find myself becoming more ambitious and panicking about the amount of time I have left in life before my inevitable death catches me.
As a result to the growing number of existential crises the greet me every hour, along with the disappointment of not being the person that I truly want to be, I decided to create a new goals list, titled as ‘Twenty things I want to do in my Twenties’.
I created a video to explain every point in more detail (so yes, this blog is a bit of a cop-out), but if you fancy just seeing the bare list to fulfill all of your listing desires, then this post is for you.
Twenty things I want to do in my Twenties 1. Care more about me 2. Write mor…