Weekly Recap 20.12.2015

Today, we shall have a very ill edition of my Sunday recap.
Monday is a day that I always seem to forget, and annoyingly, I don’t seem to even have any photos to try and jog my memory.
I can’t work out if I literally just slept through this day, or completely missed it, but even so, I haven’t a clue – but I do vaguely remember playing scrabble and losing to my mum.
From what I remember, Tuesday was the day I blitzed my room, ready for when my boyfriend comes home from university for Christmas break.
I also used Tuesday to ice the Christmas cake, and spent the evening cuddling my dog, who is beginning to resemble my dad.
Wednesday had a crappy start as Windows decided to do an update. I wouldn’t have minded, if it wasn’t for the fact that it took twenty minutes for my laptop to actually start up.
I then spent the rest of the morning editing photos from Sunday.
When I went downstairs for lunch and a mince pie, for some strange reason, I then signed up for the great south run. Not only can I not run, I certainly cannot run for 10miles! I have no idea what came over me!
I then met my boyfriend, and went to his to celebrate his mum’s birthday.
The hell that was awards evening.
Friday was my sister’s birthday.
It was also the day that this cold began to hit me.
Saturday was the day of a family party, to celebrate both my dad’s 50th and sister’s 25th. I don’t remember too much of the night, so I will take that as a hint of it being a great night.
(here's a photo with half of the family.)
After drinking copious amounts of alcohol on Saturday, Sunday was used to recover. I didn’t feel hungover as such, but I think that my cold is now trying to kill me, and thus, this post is coming up today instead of yesterday.


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