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Busted - Portmouth Review

On the evening of the 13th February, an event that I never even thought that would happen within my lifetime occurred – I saw the one and only Busted live. Although I hadn’t heard their new album, I owed it as a debt to 10-year-old me whose heart was broken many years ago, to buy tickets as soon as they were on sale, but, as far as gigs go, I am still in two minds.

Although not previously announced, the supporting act, ‘Natives’ was a pleasant surprise for the evening. Honestly, they are not the support that I had expected, especially when they started the set with each member of the four-piece playing the drums in perfect unison. Playing with a heavy use of drums, guitars and keyboard, their music was an incredible rocky, techno, punk-pop fusion that forced the audience off of their feet. Although slightly pitchy at times within the first song, their performance escalated into a great way to start the night and pump up the crowd ready for Busted.

As the lights darkened after the brea…