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Sexy Beast Review

Experimental, violent and a cast to die for; Jonathan Glazer enters his directing career with a break-through crime drama, broken up with comedy. Sexy Beast has had a great reception over the years, and even as a modern viewer I was not disappointed with the intriguing storyline, as well as the amazing cast performances. The film starred many well-known faces especially Ray Winstone, who played the lead character of Gal, and Ben Kingsley.

The film revolves around a retired gang member named Gal, who decides to move to Spain along with his wife Deedee, played by Amanda Redman, and his friends Aitch and Jackie, played by Caven Kendall and Julianne White. The seemingly peaceful storyline soon takes a huge twist when Don Logan, a humorously aggressive troublemaker played by Ben Kingsley, comes onto the scene. It was your typical crime drama film, which also had more artistic twists to ensure it was different from the rest. Winstone played his usual ‘hard man’ character, and there’s no deny…

Take That: Wonderland Live Review

It’s no secret that Take That are renowned for the spectacles that are their stage shows, and their latest tour, aptly titled ‘Wonderland’ was no exception.

Titled the same as their most recent studio album, Wonderland Live was enigmatic in what it will consist of and was truly fit to the Take That form. From a sitar player on a magic carpet to acrobatics, men fighting on stilts to an array of extraordinary headgear, the show really did capture all aspects of the imagination, and filled the whole of the massive O2 Arena.
Accompanying Take That was ‘90s pop group ‘All Saints’, who offered impeccable harmonies accompanied with a badass attitude throughout their set. Although their staging was not as visually striking in comparison to Take That’s, the four-part group filled the space with their perfected vocals and dancing (which was the show's salvation from some of the comedic dad dancing that I later had to endure watching). If I am completely honest, All Saints, like Take That, ar…

Baywatch 2017 Review

Based on the much-loved ‘90s TV Series, Seth Gordon’s revival of Baywatch was bound to get a large amount of criticism, and many critics are not disappointing in this area.

When the arrogant Matt Brody (Zac Efron) wants to join the elite team of lifeguards, their leader, Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Jonson) is quick to buttheads with him. In a number of testosterone filled battles, the pair are quick to have to work together with the rest of the team once drugs and a new resort owner pose a threat to the bay. As a whole, the plot is filled with a number of twists and turns, and easily pads out the two hours of the film.
I feel I should start this review with a disclaimer. If you are looking for a cinematic masterpiece with overly complex characters and a plot that makes me question the purpose of my life, you probably don’t want to bother buying a ticket to this film; however, if you are happy to watch a perfectly cheesy comedy with one-liners and stereotypes, this is ideal for you.