Hey guys,
IT'S FINALLY DECEMBER - the only month you can eat chocolate for breakfast without being judged!
I literally leapt out of bed this morning, solely for the advent chocolate, and I even managed to take a quick photo before I savagely ripped open the doors! 
Also, because it's December and every YouTuber is being good and doing Vlogmas, I thought that I would do Blogmas. This year, my poor little blog has been neglected, so last night, I wrote up a plan of what to upload EVERYDAY this December, and as it was only last night that I thought of it, I have done no form of preparation for it, so this should be a fun little challenge. 

On top of this, I also want to finish a first draft of a book, do some photography work, start a business plan and hand-make Christmas presents all this month, so I feel like I'm destined to fail. 
Hey ho, at least I've tried, and provided I don't forget to upload this, I've already completed one day! 
Whoop whoop! Go Team Me!!

Now that the car journey I'm writing this on has almost ended, that's my cue to go. 
Until tomorrow my friends,


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