All American Rejects - Move Along Review

From A Day To Remember to All-American Rejects – I feel like that’s quite the genre curve!
What can you do though, due to the fact that most other A artists have CD’s which belong to my mum (ie ACDC, Aerosmith, etc), today’s album is All-American Rejects’ second studio album, Move Along.
(I would insert a photo here, but HMV grafittied the case with 1000's of hideous sales stickers).
Not only does this feature their massive hit Dirty Little Secret, it also features every emotional teenagers pleasures of Move Along and It Ends Tonight. Luckily though, this album isn’t the kind that only has a couple of hit songs, followed by some rushed, poorly written filers, and instead, it is consistently amazing and enjoyable.
Track List:
        1.       Dirty Little Secret
        2.       Stab My Back
        3.       Move Along
        4.       It Ends Tonight
        5.       Change Your Mind
        6.       Night Drive 
        7.       11:11pm
        8.       Dance Inside
        9.       Top of the World
      10.   Straightjacket Feeling
      11.   I’m Waiting
      12.   Can’t Take It
      13.   Night Drive
      14.   Eyelash Wishes
Although All-American Rejects are clearly labelled as punk-rock, I’ve found that this album isn’t just a pleaser for the people who usually like this music. Even my mum loves this album, and I think that she’ll agree with me when I say that the genre applied doesn’t do it justice.
Nowadays, many punk-rock albums are rushed, poorly-produced and mainstream for the so called ‘misunderstood individuals’. This isn’t the case for Move Along, as each song has carefully worded lyrics and equally complimentary instruments.
From listening to this genre a lot, it’s clear that sometime, the instruments can be a bit too overpowering of the vocals, but for each and every song, there seems to be the perfect balance. So much thought seems to have been put into each and every aspect of both songs and the album, and as a result, this beautiful, emotion-fuelled punk child was born.
I must admit the It Ends Tonight and Straightjacket Feeling are the slowest songs, and both are the kind that bring tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. They are definitely great to listen to if you need a good cry!
Overall, there’s a balance of emotions throughout the album, which for me makes it great no matter how I’m feeling. I feel like, although I wouldn’t put this as the greatest album ever made, any song can be picked from it and be made into a single.
As a result, I’m giving it 4/5 eggs.   


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