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What I Ate Wednesday 13.01.2016

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today, I felt like I should actually try really hard to watch what I eat for this post. Although I didn’t have millions of plans, I have still needed to go to the doctors, and to a gig to do some photography, so a lot of my time was consumed. Breakfast was my usual affair of Weetabix with banana and pecans, accompanied with green tea.
Although this is my usual breakfast, I still often find that I get really peckish mid-morning time. As a result, I thought I would have a homemade detox beetroot juice accompanied by a gluten-free and sugar-free carrot and ginger muffin, the muffin seems to magically turn into a very un-paleo Cherry Bakewell…oops? For lunch, I made up a tomato, spinach, basil, feta, lettuce and pepper salad, which was delicious! I had found a recipe for a salad dressing somewhere which I did use with this, but can longer find the recipes. I then had an early tea of prawns with ginger and spring onion, accompanied with fried rice. This was all homem…

All-American Rejects - Kids in the Streets Review

Following the flop that was When The World Comes Down, it’s safe to say that The All-American Rejects definitely had some making up to do when it comes to realising their next album, Kids in the Street. I know that my opinion will now become even more unpopular with all the “music reviewing professionals”, but, to me, this album was amazing, and actually seemed to recapture the energy and emotional lyricism which I felt that their previous album lacked. Track List      1.Someday’s Gone      2.Beekeeper’s Daughter      3.Fast and Slow      4.Heartbeat Slowing Down      5.Walk Over Me      6.Out the Door      7.Kids in the Street      8.Bleed Into Your Mind      9.Gonzo    10.Affection     11.I for You Starting with an erupting punk-twang of music, Someday’s Gone really sets the bar high for the remainder of the album. It catchy, playful and probably even relatable for the bands teenage audience base. A majority of the songs do seem to be very feel good and summery, to the point where it feels weird…

Eeny Meeny Review

From looking at my previous reviews, I feel as though I have made it very clear that I enjoy books of the thriller genre. Understandably, when I then became aware of the enormous hype that surrounded M. J. Arlidge’s Eeny Meeny, I was quick to buy and engulf the novel. Unfortunately, I was nothing but disappointed. The book surrounds the concept of couples being abducted, and then being given the choice to kill or be killed. Detective Inspector Helen Grace finds herself against the clock, desperately trying to catch the killer before another life is lost. Enigmatic and mysterious, two key features that I expected to find within this novel, and unfortunately, two elements that refused to make an appearance. I understand that writing a thriller is bound to be difficult work; however, I found that the pacing, wording and even character development was just all poor. The book seems to be moving so fast, that I found myself not caring about people’s deaths. There’s no build up or character d…

Crafts - Panda Charm

I feel like todays craft blog is a bit of a cop out, purely because I haven’t had much time to make anything this week. On top of that, my room has been hit with the post-Christmas mess, so all has been a struggle. With that said, I have still managed to make up a little Panda necklace charm, as inspired by my friend Natalie who is obsessed with Pandas. To start, I rolled out a small blob of white clay and shaped it into the pandas head. To this, I attached two small black balls of clay to make the ears.
I cleaned the clay with a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol, waited for that to all evaporate, and added a small hook between the ears to allow this charm to be worn on a necklace. I then baked it for around 10 minutes at 120oC. Once it had cooled, I simply painted on its eyes and mouth. I did also try glossing the charm, but found that, not only did it smudge the paint, it just didn’t look good, so I would advise it.
Now, another factor of why I haven’t had much time to make any little crea…

What I Ate Wednesday 06.01.2016

Even though I was admittedly horrific at doing this, What I Ate Wednesday is going to stay, and this time, I’ll actually make the effort! My day started with quite a large breakfast. Not only had I been ill for the past few days, but I also ended up sleeping through dinner last night, so woke up really hungry. In fact, I was then hungry all day, and I think that is made clear by the amount I ate…oops? Breakfast I started the day in the best was I could; green tea, a smoothie and Weetabix with banana and pecans. I know that it isn’t very interesting for most people, but Weetabix are usually my main breakfast, just because they are quick, filling and easy. Other than them, I do try to avoid eating wheat throughout the rest of the day as it often makes me feel icky and bloated.
As for the green tea, it was mango and lychee flavour, which taste very light and floral, so I would suggest trying it if you like those kinds of tastes. Personally, I really enjoy it, particularly in the morning befo…

All American Rejects - When The World Comes Down Review

Following on from last week’s post, today, I’m finally getting around to writing a review of All American Rejects 2009 release, When The World Comes Down. Following up from their 2005 marketable smash Move Along, it’s safe to that expectations were high, and so disappointment was pretty much inevitable. Track List       1.I Wanna       2.Fallin’ Apart        3.Damn Girl       4.Gives You Hell       5.Mona Lisa       6.Breakin’       7.Another Heart Calls       8.Real World       9.Back To Me     10.Believe     11.The Wind Blows I Wanna is the first song of the album – and is one of the weakest opening songs I’ve ever heard. There’s no denying that this song is catchy; however the lyrics are that of a basic pop song, and the overall sound is just a bit bored. This is something I noticed throughout the album, as listening to it just felt like a dull chore. The fun, energetic sound that the band once captured was just completely lost, and in its place was a miserable drone of both instruments and v…

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Review

A couple of days before New Years, I was lucky enough to be treated to a trip to the cinema by my sister. Before you all begin to think she is overly lovely, the real reason she did this is because she’s 25 and didn’t want to be sat on her own in a cinema watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 2. Mockingjay Part 2 continues from where the last film ends, leaving Katniss and her little rebellion crew to try and overrun President Snow and the Capitol. Now, those who know me will know that I have never been particularly fond of the hunger games series for numerous reasons, but I must admit, this instalment did pleasantly surprise me.  A key element that did shock me was the darker style of this film. Compared to the prior instalments, this movie was a lot more intense and even harrowing at parts. It’s still a certificate 12a, but I wouldn’t advice taking an easily scared child to see this in the cinema. There is some amazing action scenes as well as shot compositions, and it’s also safe …


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s Eve, and that your severity of alcohol poisoning isn’t too bad. I just want to start the year off with a massive thank you to everyone who gave my blog a read, as I managed to reach 1,500 page views before midnight last night! It’s safe to say that I’m very chuffed!
Linking onto that, I’m not 100% sure on how and when I’ll be uploading this month. I don’t have the time to upload daily again, so instead, I’m trying to work out a way to upload which I could also stick to. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments! Until Next Time,