A Day To Remember – What Separates Me from You.

Before anyone complains, I know I failed at Blogmas…but if there’s one thing that I am good at, it’s redeeming myself.
After a day and a bit of wallowing in the self-pity that comes with an upset stomach, earache and headache, I’m now back at the laptop and ready to type away like an illiterate monkey.
To make up for the post that I ignored, yesterday, I will firstly be reviewing the next album on my CD rack;
A Day To Remember – What Separates Me from You.
 I know that I wasn’t overly complementary when it came to one of A Day to Remember’s previous albums; however, I do believe that this CD has some cracking hits on it, and definitely blows their previous records out of the water.
       1.       Sticks & Bricks
       2.       All I Want
       3.       It’s Complicated
       4.       This Is The House That Doubt Built
       5.       2nd Sucks
       6.       Better Off This Way
       7.       All Signs Point To Lauderdale
       8.       You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic
       9.       Out Of Time
      10.   If I Leave
For me, this album will always be a guilty pleasure of mine, from the feel good to the heartache songs, it has everything, and it’s all perfectly set out so that your heart isn’t forced into anyform of emotional rollercoaster. Usually, an album can always leave you feeling one tinge of emotion of another; however, What Separate Me From You is so impeccably balanced, you’re left neutral once more, and for such emotionally charged songs, I appreciated this.
A key note of appreciation is also the bands growth. It’s clear that they have moved away from commercial side of making their albums, and as a result, their songs and sounds had drastically improved. The lyrics went from being dull and basic, to thoughtful, intelligent and well-written. This improvement is further complimented by the vast developments in each band member’s skills, and as a result, catchy, enjoyable music can be made.
It’s impossible to pick a few favourite songs from this album, as I feel each of them offer something different, but there are two which I enjoy led than the others; Sticks & Bricks and You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic. I do believe though that this is just down to my personal taste.

With that put aside though, I definitely feel as though the band had been able to manage to find their balance between a punk sound with a splash of metal, and as a result, I give this album 3.5/5 eggs.


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