Crafts - Polymer Clay Mario Mushroom

Recently, I have begun a new little creative hobby of using Polymer Clay.
Because it’s a new hobby, I am no expert on the subject, and have largely learnt how to use polymer clay through the Youtuber NerdEcrafter’s series of Newb Corner. On YouTube, she has uploaded a range of tips, tricks and tutorials, which I would advise anyone who wants to work with Polymer Clay to check out.
Today, I thought I would do something easy mode though, and opted for making a Mario Mushroom Necklace Charm.
With the exception of having to work with white polymer clay, which I swear is the work of sadists everywhere, this was so simple and easy to make.
I started off by fully cleaning my hands and work surface to ensure that minimal dirt will get into my clay, and then rolled some white clay into a ball, before flattening it slightly at the top and bottom.
I then rolled red clay into a slight dome shape (which in this picture looks like a flaming red arsehole), and the stuck the two clay parts together.
I straightened it up a bit, wiped it over with rubbing alcohol, and then added a metal hook to the top. It was then later baked at 120oC for about 20 minutes.
Once that was all baked and cooled, I painted on the white spots, and then the eyes. I must admit though, I did paint the eyes in the wrong place, as I was supposed to paint them on so when wearing the necklace charm, they would face forward and not flip around too much.
Hey ho, today has been a horribly busy day though, so I can’t help that fact that I made mistakes from rushing. Overall though, it’s so cute and I love it!


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