What I Ate Wednesday 30.12.2015

Trust me to fall at the final hurdle, but in my defence, I’ve also managed to get a cold, just in time for the New Year…just my luck.
As a result, I went to bed early and didn’t upload yesterday, so here is my half-hearted attempt of a ‘what I ate Wednesday’.
Like usual, I slept through breakfast, and by the time I woke up and was ready, I was being rushed out the door. Before I left though, I did manage grab a couple of dark chocolate coated coffee beans (yes, they exist and yes, they are amazing) as well as a nakd bar.
For those of you who don’t know what nakd bars are, they are healthy bars made of raw fruits and nuts, which are then slightly flavoured to taste like sweet treats. My favourites are Bakewell Tart, Apple Pie and Choco Orange, and I strongly suggest that if you are wanting to be healthier in the New Year, but also have a sweet tooth, then you pick some of these bars up.
Due to being busy, I did then miss lunch, and when it got to dinner times, my mother and I where raiding the cupboards, in the desperate attempt to find something to eat.
We settled for cauliflower and kale cheese (aka every vegetarians’ nightmare), with bread and a glass of wine.
It was absolutely delicious, and I’m thinking of trying to work on a Paleo version of this dish in the New Year.
We followed this with Christmas pudding with cream, which I ate too quickly, before I even thought of taking a photo…oops.

I then laid on the sofa, feeling killed my dairy, and watched The Affair as I fell asleep.


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