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2016 Goals Review

As some of you will remember, this time a year ago, I released what was thought to be my goals for this year. On the list, I basically included everything that I had wanted to achieve, and now, exactly one year later, I thought I would do a small review to let everyone know how much of a failure I truly am.
2016 Blog More Find a job/Apprenticeship I Enjoy YouTube Make More Films Take More Photos Write Some Books Edit Books More Create a Choice Book Open my Clay Shop See People More Focus More On Me Actually Write In Calendar/Diary Cook More

 As you can probably already assume from the tone of this, I don’t actually think I managed to achieve any of the goals I set out – I’ve hardly blogged, I haven’t worked on any writing, film or clay projects, and my organization has been at an all-time low.
I did go out a bit more than I had in 2015, and found an apprenticeship I sort of enjoy, but it’s safe to say that the start of the year was still a complete roller-coaster.
I’m sure it’s not as bad as my littl…

The Boys in the Band Review

First performed in in 1968, Mart Crowley’s ‘The Boys in the Band’ has been revived once again, featuring appearances from the likes of Mark Gatiss, Ian Hallard, and James Holmes. Described by James Holmes as “gays in a room”, the play revolves around a group of gay friends in New York, who meet up to celebrate Harold’s (played by Mark Gatiss) fortysomething birthday. Organised by Michael (Ian Hallard), the birthday party commences, but comedy quickly deteriorates as alcohol is drunk and weed is smoked, leading to, what can only be described as, despair (but let’s face it, we’ve all been there before). 
Characters are drip-fed onto stage throughout Act 1, and as each of them enters, their clear independence is displayed, as you would expect from a group of friends. They interact well with each other, but without losing who they truly are, which certainly helped to create one of the most realistic pieces of theater that I haves seen to date.
On top of this, there are clearly character …

The Twenties Project

To say that life hasn’t been manic would certainly be an understatement of the year.
I can’t work out whether I am trying to do too much, or if life just wants me to rush around like a headless chicken, but I have desperately tried to get everything done, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. And since recently turning 20, I find myself becoming more ambitious and panicking about the amount of time I have left in life before my inevitable death catches me.
As a result to the growing number of existential crises the greet me every hour, along with the disappointment of not being the person that I truly want to be, I decided to create a new goals list, titled as ‘Twenty things I want to do in my Twenties’.
I created a video to explain every point in more detail (so yes, this blog is a bit of a cop-out), but if you fancy just seeing the bare list to fulfill all of your listing desires, then this post is for you.
Twenty things I want to do in my Twenties 1. Care more about me 2. Write mor…

Sherlocked Convention Review

Throbbing feet and a practically deceased bank account was all the confirmation I needed to prove that Sherlocked 2016 wasn’t a dream. The weekend was fuelled from excitement and coffee, and certainly displayed an array of highs and lows, all of which I will try to remember now.

As mentioned above, this event completely slaughtered my bank account. I’m not talking ‘made a little dent’, I mean it grabbed my purse, took a shit on my bank card and set it on fire – it was that expensive. 
Originally I had only planned to go on the Sunday with my friend (as she was busy on the Saturday), so bought a day pass; however, once Andrew Scott was announced, I quickly changed my mind and bought a day pass for the Saturday too. This is something I definitely won't be doing again, as the day passes cost around £35 each, and this literally only allowed you entry to the event and the ability to buy more tickets i.e photo passes (I know, it's so generous!). 
On top of this, the photo passes were a…

Adam Hills Clown Heart Review

Optimistic, light-hearted and fuelled with compassion is the only way I can think to describe Adam Hills at the best of times, and his latest tour of Clown Heart was certainly no exception.
Usually, I am a fan of darker and more twisted style of comedy, which probably says far too much about me as a person, but as an avid fan of the Channel Four talk show The Last Leg, I jumped at the chance to see the host, Adam Hills, live, despite my scepticism. On the show, Hills is undoubtedly smart and quick-thinking, and yet when piling into the theatre, I couldn’t help but starting to feel a growing anxiety that he would be the sort of comedian who is great on TV, but, for lack of a better word, disappointing when live.
Obviously, I was quickly proven wrong. 
The show started with a support act, who also completely blew all of my expectations out of the water. Ian Coppinger, who dare I say is the newfound king of improvisation, should definitely be a household name by now. With witty remarks an…

A Note for the Twits

This post is mainly one for those who follow me on Twitter.
A couple of people have now messaged me to complain about some of my tweets, which are often centred on my anxiety, and it’s really getting under my skin. I would understand the issue if the tweets were of a strongly triggering nature (like many others are on twitter), but they aren’t, and instead they focus on certain things that people have done that often trigger a panic attack for me.
On multiple occasions I have been called an attention seeker over these tweets, and as a result, I feel like I should explain why I do it.
I have over 700 followers on twitter, and from this I am assuming a maximum of 50 users will see one of my tweets. My logic is that if a single person sees the way in which anxiety could potentially be triggered in everyday situations, it could increase awareness, which, to me, is especially vital in situations which could be avoided. Practically all of the situations I’ve mentioned could have been avoide…

Butserfest 2016 Review

Picture the stereotypically British scene…
Rain clouds possessed the Petersfield skies, as hundreds of drenched, young rockers queue for the UK’s largest drug and alcohol free festival – Butserfest. With running hairspray and eyeliner trickling into the iconic ‘Alice Cooper’ look, spirits refused to be dampened, and trust me, there is nothing more hard-core British than seeing a crowd of music lovers sitting in a damp, muddy field whilst drinking tea.
Celebrating it’s tenth year of scaring sheep, Butserfest seemed to be heaving in comparison to previous year, and until a month ago, I too was a Butserfest-virgin. The Butserhill field seemed as busy as ever, with an uncharacteristic non-stop buzz of excitement as it namedropped the likes of Mallory Knox, Young Guns and Creeper, all of which you would never expect to see here of all places, but let's face it,And it's safe to say, that the whole event did impress. 
The host on the main stage was absolutely incredible. I’m annoyed tha…

Body Shaming

Originally, I planned to come back to this blog pounding out some brilliantly mediocre reviews and posts; however, after some recent messages I received from a certain girl, I felt that there was something I really need to talk about.
I have been in two minds about actually posting this, especially due to a number of threats that she has directed at me, but I refuse to be silenced. With that said, I am still not going to go into large amounts of detail in regard to the backstory, as I feel that would be too much and subtract from the point of this post, which is that of body shaming.
Let’s start from the beginning;
About a month ago, I had become quite close friends with a guy, which appeared to erupt a jealous rage within his ex-girlfriend. Long story short, they got back together; however, he and I remained FRIENDS, which clearly didn’t sit well with her. When they then broke up after roughly a week of them getting together, her blame quickly shifted to me – and before I even knew…

Through the Looking Glass Review

Seeing as it’s been over two months since my last post, I feel obliged to write this review today. After copious amounts of coffee and twenty scribbled pages of notes – all of which are now scrunched into the bin – I finally feel ready to begin to write. So, here it is, at long last a review of the rather poor Alice in Wonderland sequel, Through the Looking Glass. Now, it wasn't until doing some research on this film that I noticed Tim Burton was not the director. To be honest, when I was watching it, I felt as though this was a cheap knock-off of one of his films, so am glad to know that he hasn't sold out. I wasn't a huge fan of the monstrosity of the first film, but at least it was visually pleasing – unlike this one!
On top of this, I absolutely hated the Vegetable people. They were stupid and immature, and I am pretty sure they are only featured to get an easy laugh from the kids in the audience. I know that I am not the target age group for a Disney film, seeing as I …

Ginger Cupcake Recipe!

Hey Guys, I was going to do a healthy recipe on this blog; however, I then tried out a cupcake recipe which was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, and thought I would go for that instead! You’re Welcome! For the Cupcakes, the things you will need are: 120g Plain Flour 140g Caster Sugar 11/2 teaspoons Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon Mixed Spice 1/4 teaspoon Ground Ginger A Pinch of Salt 40g Unsalted Butter at Room Temperature 120g Milk 1 Egg 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Extract A tub of chopped ginger in syrup (which are usually about 225g) For the Icing, you will need: 50ml Milk 1 Large Piece of Fresh Ginger (cut into a few chunks) 400g Icing Sugar 125g Unsalted Butter at Room Temperature Grated Zest of 1 Lemon

Step 1: To prepare for the icing, in a bowl or jug or whatever you have, pour the milk, add the fresh ginger and put in the fridge to infuse for a couple of hours. Now, back to the Cupcakes… Step 2: Preheat the oven to 170oC. Step 3: Put the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, mixed spice, gro…

The Suicide Room Review

A brutal, Polish story that depicts the darkest and loneliest roots of modern adolescents – The Suicide Room, directed by Jan Komasa, is nothing quite like I’ve seen before.  At first, I was confused and sceptical of this sub-titled film, but now I’m sat here thinking about it an hour or so later, its haunting tale and beautifully painful visuals have truly gotten to me. The plot revolves around Dominik, a high school student who is the only son of wealthy parents, both of whom seem to be having affairs. Dominik portrays a sense of secret homosexuality, which becomes clear when he makes out with his male friend, Aleksander, at a party. Like many things nowadays, this kiss is quick to explode on social media, and although Dominik enjoys the controversial attention and tension at first, he soon becomes the school laughing stock, thus forcing him into isolation. This isolation is then what leads to Dominik’s discovery of an online chat room – The Suicide Room. I must admit, I didn’t realise…


Hey Guys,
I thought I would do a quick little post before I went away to Brighton for a few days, so here goes.
For those of you who have seen my 2016 Goals post (which I would link here, but I really can't be arsed), then you will know that one of the things on that list is to start to properly make YouTube videos.
However terrifying this may now be, I feel like I should allow you blogging buddies to see some of those videos...and I can only apologies for the content and my crappy face...

Again, I'm sorry :')

Current Life State

Wow! Once again, I’m awake at midnight and get a sudden stroke of guilt in regard to not posting on here again. If I’m being completely honest though…I’m struggling. My life has flipped upside down, and everything just seems a bit too much. Normally, I would avoid writing things like this, but fuck it! I’m human, you’re human, and if you too are going through a rough patch in life, you’re not alone. It tough to remember that everyone struggles, but I felt as though I should explain myself a bit with a short post. If I’m honest, I don’t want to go into too much detail just yet, I’m not brave enough, but hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal self soon.
Thanks for sticking with me, it means the world!

Oopsy Daisy...

Again, I find myself remembering this blog at 02:15am, and instantly feel as though I need to do a little update.
To be honest, the main reason I haven't blogged much is because I have been reading and writing like a maniac.
A bad excuse, I know, but I feel that my fellow book worms will understand!
Linking on to that idea, I HAVE A GOODREADS ACCOUNT!
I update it regularly, and am constantly looking for new books to read.
If you have an account, feel free follow me and I'll follow back (provided you have a good taste in book!)

How Many Goals Have I Broken?!

Hey Guys,
It's safe to say, I've been a lousy blogger so far this year, but in my defence, I have had a tricky couple of weeks. On top of that, I've sort of ignored my 2016 goals, but I thought that to get back into blogging tonight by going through my list, and seeing how many I'm currently on track to achieve.
2016 Blog More - A clear fail! Find a job/Apprenticeship I Enjoy - I'm looking YouTube - I bigger fail than blogging Make More Films - I do have a couple of projects in the works! Take More Photos - A couple I guess Write Some Books - Nopeskies Edit Books More - Extra nopeskies Create a Choice Book With Luke - I kind of forgot about this... Open my Clay Shop - DONE! (although its not popular) See People More - NOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Focus More On Me - Double NOPEEEEEEEE Actually Write In Calendar/Diary - ...oops Cook More - I think we can all guess the answer to this

So there we have it...I'm still a shitty, lazy person that you all know and love!

What I Ate Wednesday 13.01.2016

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today, I felt like I should actually try really hard to watch what I eat for this post. Although I didn’t have millions of plans, I have still needed to go to the doctors, and to a gig to do some photography, so a lot of my time was consumed. Breakfast was my usual affair of Weetabix with banana and pecans, accompanied with green tea.
Although this is my usual breakfast, I still often find that I get really peckish mid-morning time. As a result, I thought I would have a homemade detox beetroot juice accompanied by a gluten-free and sugar-free carrot and ginger muffin, the muffin seems to magically turn into a very un-paleo Cherry Bakewell…oops? For lunch, I made up a tomato, spinach, basil, feta, lettuce and pepper salad, which was delicious! I had found a recipe for a salad dressing somewhere which I did use with this, but can longer find the recipes. I then had an early tea of prawns with ginger and spring onion, accompanied with fried rice. This was all homem…

All-American Rejects - Kids in the Streets Review

Following the flop that was When The World Comes Down, it’s safe to say that The All-American Rejects definitely had some making up to do when it comes to realising their next album, Kids in the Street. I know that my opinion will now become even more unpopular with all the “music reviewing professionals”, but, to me, this album was amazing, and actually seemed to recapture the energy and emotional lyricism which I felt that their previous album lacked. Track List      1.Someday’s Gone      2.Beekeeper’s Daughter      3.Fast and Slow      4.Heartbeat Slowing Down      5.Walk Over Me      6.Out the Door      7.Kids in the Street      8.Bleed Into Your Mind      9.Gonzo    10.Affection     11.I for You Starting with an erupting punk-twang of music, Someday’s Gone really sets the bar high for the remainder of the album. It catchy, playful and probably even relatable for the bands teenage audience base. A majority of the songs do seem to be very feel good and summery, to the point where it feels weird…

Eeny Meeny Review

From looking at my previous reviews, I feel as though I have made it very clear that I enjoy books of the thriller genre. Understandably, when I then became aware of the enormous hype that surrounded M. J. Arlidge’s Eeny Meeny, I was quick to buy and engulf the novel. Unfortunately, I was nothing but disappointed. The book surrounds the concept of couples being abducted, and then being given the choice to kill or be killed. Detective Inspector Helen Grace finds herself against the clock, desperately trying to catch the killer before another life is lost. Enigmatic and mysterious, two key features that I expected to find within this novel, and unfortunately, two elements that refused to make an appearance. I understand that writing a thriller is bound to be difficult work; however, I found that the pacing, wording and even character development was just all poor. The book seems to be moving so fast, that I found myself not caring about people’s deaths. There’s no build up or character d…