What I ate Wednesday 02.12.2015

Hey Guys,
Look at me committing to this for two days in a row.
Today, I thought I’d go for a slightly easier post idea because it’s Wednesday, and let’s face it, everyone is exhausted on a Wednesday.
I’ve slightly stolen a common blog idea, but hey ho, here is my ‘What I Ate Wednesday’. With that said, I must admit that I couldn’t have timed this worse because I’ve had a whole day of filming today, so all of my meals have been quick and messy, which is what I shall use as an excuse for my poor cooking skills.
Breakfast didn’t go as according to plan this morning. Last night, I thought I’d chop up some mango ready for this morning, seeing as I had an early start and am awful at waking up on time. This idea was, however, quick to fail when I ended up eating all the mango last night as it was delicious!
Instead, I had some Golden Syrup porridge with blackcurrant jam.
Visually, it looks beyond disgusting, but taste wise, it’s amazing. Besides, what better way to start the day than with a tonne of sugar and a cup of tea!
Lunch was mediocre and almost forgotten. I didn’t have time to make a full salad, so ended up with lettuce, courgette and carrot, with a little sprinkle of salt, which at least cheers me up as it reminds me of summer. I also packed a Peanut 9 Bar (which I forgot to eat) and Pink Grapefruit squash.
Dinner was largely improvisation. When I went shopping, I picked up something which I believed to be sun-dried tomato pesto… turns out it actually said sun-dried tomato paste (curse you reading!). As a result, I changed my original dinner plan and went for whole wheat spaghetti with prawns, artichoke hearts and olives in a sun-dried tomato sauce…and it was DELICIOUS!
This was followed by my advent calendar chocolates, and these remembrance poppy chocolates that my Aunty had bought me.

I must admit, I do usually eat a lot more, but because it's nearing Christmas, there's just becoming less time to eat! Maybe I'll do better next week...


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