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Adam Hills Clown Heart Review

Optimistic, light-hearted and fuelled with compassion is the only way I can think to describe Adam Hills at the best of times, and his latest tour of Clown Heart was certainly no exception.
Usually, I am a fan of darker and more twisted style of comedy, which probably says far too much about me as a person, but as an avid fan of the Channel Four talk show The Last Leg, I jumped at the chance to see the host, Adam Hills, live, despite my scepticism. On the show, Hills is undoubtedly smart and quick-thinking, and yet when piling into the theatre, I couldn’t help but starting to feel a growing anxiety that he would be the sort of comedian who is great on TV, but, for lack of a better word, disappointing when live.
Obviously, I was quickly proven wrong. 
The show started with a support act, who also completely blew all of my expectations out of the water. Ian Coppinger, who dare I say is the newfound king of improvisation, should definitely be a household name by now. With witty remarks an…

A Note for the Twits

This post is mainly one for those who follow me on Twitter.
A couple of people have now messaged me to complain about some of my tweets, which are often centred on my anxiety, and it’s really getting under my skin. I would understand the issue if the tweets were of a strongly triggering nature (like many others are on twitter), but they aren’t, and instead they focus on certain things that people have done that often trigger a panic attack for me.
On multiple occasions I have been called an attention seeker over these tweets, and as a result, I feel like I should explain why I do it.
I have over 700 followers on twitter, and from this I am assuming a maximum of 50 users will see one of my tweets. My logic is that if a single person sees the way in which anxiety could potentially be triggered in everyday situations, it could increase awareness, which, to me, is especially vital in situations which could be avoided. Practically all of the situations I’ve mentioned could have been avoide…

Butserfest 2016 Review

Picture the stereotypically British scene…
Rain clouds possessed the Petersfield skies, as hundreds of drenched, young rockers queue for the UK’s largest drug and alcohol free festival – Butserfest. With running hairspray and eyeliner trickling into the iconic ‘Alice Cooper’ look, spirits refused to be dampened, and trust me, there is nothing more hard-core British than seeing a crowd of music lovers sitting in a damp, muddy field whilst drinking tea.
Celebrating it’s tenth year of scaring sheep, Butserfest seemed to be heaving in comparison to previous year, and until a month ago, I too was a Butserfest-virgin. The Butserhill field seemed as busy as ever, with an uncharacteristic non-stop buzz of excitement as it namedropped the likes of Mallory Knox, Young Guns and Creeper, all of which you would never expect to see here of all places, but let's face it,And it's safe to say, that the whole event did impress. 
The host on the main stage was absolutely incredible. I’m annoyed tha…