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Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical Review

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Meatloaf fan.
Spending the last twenty years of my life (which is getting worryingly closer to 21) being raised on the likes of Meatloaf, has led to his music, along with Jim Steinman’s lyrics, to symbolise more than words can put into perspective – which could explain why my levels of both excitement and gut-wrenching panic made it to new heights when I was informed I would be seeing Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical.
With pre-show nerves, induced by the fear of what was about to happen to the songs that have shaped me into who I am, I entered the Coliseum Theatre, London, and headed straight to the bar. This is when the immersive nature of the show began.
With a bottle of Pride of Obsidian in my hand, I took my seat and began reading The Obsidian Times. A small group of actors took to the stage, background acting around a motorbike whilst remaining audience members took to their seat.

Then it began – and I was utterly blown away. So much so, I have now had the p…