What I Ate Wednesday 09.12.2015

Its 7pm and I’m already snuggled in bed, so it’s safe to say that I am so happy that today’s post will be another What  I Ate Wednesday.
I woke up at 5am this morning, and thought I would start off the day with something to drink, as for some reason, my throat felt really dry. I had a normal cup of tea and a mango and lychee green tea, which is delicious. The flavouring of it is quite subtle, light and floral, and it’s just quite nice to have in the morning.
I also wanted to use this opportunity to point out my amazing mug that my sister had bought me.
I then finally made breakfast (with another couple of drinks), which was Weetabix, banana, pecans and almond milk. This is probably one of my favourite breakfast ever, especially in the winter as I just find it quite comforting.
After breakfast, the advent chocolates obviously followed.
And after a few hours of Christmas shopping, my mum treated me to a malteaser reindeer and iced tea. No matter how healthy I’m trying to be, malteasers are always there to trip me up!
Lunch makes me sound quite pretentious today, as I had a spelt and honey roll with avocado and smoked salmon. I absolutely adore this roll, and it’s something that my mum and I usually have a couple times a week.

Dinner plans then changed a bit today, as after I had gone to the doctors, neither my mother nor I could be bothered to cook. As a result, we decided to get Chinese; however, after eating it, I just want to throw up and fall asleep…


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