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Body Shaming

Originally, I planned to come back to this blog pounding out some brilliantly mediocre reviews and posts; however, after some recent messages I received from a certain girl, I felt that there was something I really need to talk about.
I have been in two minds about actually posting this, especially due to a number of threats that she has directed at me, but I refuse to be silenced. With that said, I am still not going to go into large amounts of detail in regard to the backstory, as I feel that would be too much and subtract from the point of this post, which is that of body shaming.
Let’s start from the beginning;
About a month ago, I had become quite close friends with a guy, which appeared to erupt a jealous rage within his ex-girlfriend. Long story short, they got back together; however, he and I remained FRIENDS, which clearly didn’t sit well with her. When they then broke up after roughly a week of them getting together, her blame quickly shifted to me – and before I even knew…