Christmas Market Day 2

As I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went up to Birmingham this weekend (I mean, it was Sunday and Monday, which is kind of a weekend), to go and see my boyfriend and do some Christmas shopping.
In Yesterday’s post I largely covered the Sunday, and I think I also said that I would give more detail in today’s post, however, after eating some horrible tomato soup, I just want to throw up and fall asleep (which isn’t particularly pleasant).
For the night, my mum, sister and I all stayed at the Jury’s Inn Hotel…which was LOVELY! It also meant that we got to take a nice little stroll past a cannel before we reached the Christmas markets and the bullring again.

Before the pair of them even had the chance to drag me into all their sports shops, I forced them to go to TokyoToy, which is definitely my favourite shop in Birmingham. It’s only small, but it has loads of anime and manga related merch, and all the people who work there are awesome. The only thing I hated about visiting this shop with my mum and sister was the fact the kept calling everything “cartoon toys”, which was a little bit soul destroying.
I was then dragged to every sports shop under the sun, all so my sister could feed her trainers addiction. Luckily though, my mum is a bookworm like me, so I could convince her to take me into the new Waterstones. Not only is it huge, it also has a couple of cafes and smells so much like books. I was in heaven!
We then walked past the bull, which completely confused my mum. She couldn’t work out what it was dressed up as or for, and thought this was how it always looked… After several minutes of explaining, I think she understood it was dressed as an elf.

For lunch, we went to Wagamamas. For so long, my boyfriend has been talking me out of going here, but he now has a lot of explaining to do! The food was quick and delicious, and I would strongly recommend it to everyone. After lunch, we then started our drive back to Portsmouth, each of us with aching feet from walking, and aching arms from shopping. I’m still exhausted from it all today!


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