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Sherlocked Convention Review

Throbbing feet and a practically deceased bank account was all the confirmation I needed to prove that Sherlocked 2016 wasn’t a dream. The weekend was fuelled from excitement and coffee, and certainly displayed an array of highs and lows, all of which I will try to remember now.

As mentioned above, this event completely slaughtered my bank account. I’m not talking ‘made a little dent’, I mean it grabbed my purse, took a shit on my bank card and set it on fire – it was that expensive. 
Originally I had only planned to go on the Sunday with my friend (as she was busy on the Saturday), so bought a day pass; however, once Andrew Scott was announced, I quickly changed my mind and bought a day pass for the Saturday too. This is something I definitely won't be doing again, as the day passes cost around £35 each, and this literally only allowed you entry to the event and the ability to buy more tickets i.e photo passes (I know, it's so generous!). 
On top of this, the photo passes were a…