Christmas Market Day 1

Hey Guys,
Today's post will be lazy, short and brief, as I am EXHAUSTED! 
Sunday, I spent a large amount of the day travelling up to Birmingham to see my boyfriend and to go to the German Market.
First of all, I just wanted to show off an amazing present (if I do say myself), which I bought for my boyfriend. I feel like only game of thrones fans will understand it, so if you can work out what it says and means, we can be best friends!
Next up, little photos of the day. 
Generic SatNav Photo
Video of my Sisters awful singing
Little Chef Breakfast
Wheel at the Market
Me and the fluff that is my Boyfriend
Blurry Tree
Me and my one true love
Another fancy tree
The Market again, this time only partially out of focus

That's all there is for today's post, as I am utterly pooped. You may get some more detail about the market tomorrow, but it is me, so don't hold your breath.
Until Then,


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