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Carrie (book) Review

Usually, when deciding which book to read next, I tend to avoid the “classics”. From many bad experiences with “classic novels” in the tedious GCSE torture that was English and English Literature, I often find them overrated and over complex in writing style, something which I (as a very weak reader) cannot usually cope with. It is for these reasons that me choosing Stephen King’s horror classic ‘Carrie’ off of the beautifully over-stoked shelf of Waterstones was completely out of character. ‘Carrie’ tells the story of a young girl, Carrie White, who is heavily picked on by her fellow classmates. As the novel progresses, so does her power of telekinesis, thus stemming a suspenseful and tense plot, right until the very last page. I found that they storyline itself was horrifyingly relatable, thus causing several of the faultlessly described events to bring a lump to my throat, a reaction that many eighteen-year-old girls assumedly had. Not only does this book display a disturbing lev…

Captain Phillips Review

I realised that after setting this blog up, I did disappear into the abyss, but now I am back and ready to complain about everything once more; however, due to the fact that I did get overly excited over the fact that I now had time to blog, I forgot to actually write a new blog or review, so this one is kind of recycled from either college work or previous blogs...oops.
There will be an actual new review soon, but currently, I'm hungover and just want to curl up into a ball and sleep, so yeah, just appreciate my effort anyway...

Captain Phillips Review
Based on a terrifying, true story, Captain Phillips explores the life Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) during his traumatic ordeal when his cargo boat is hijacked by a gang of Somali pirates. As a passionate hater of Tom Hanks, I was reluctant to even watch this film in the first place; however, I must admit that it was somewhat interesting and enjoyable. Although the beginning of the film did feel as though it dragged…