Vampire Knight Review

I must admit, one I first went to watch the vampire-themed anime Vampire Knight, it was due to my inner teenage girl phase squealing over vampirism. The 19-year-old me was more sceptical; however, I must admit that this show is now a guilty-pleasure.
As you can tell from past reviews, I’ve only really watched darker, more serious animes, so when I began to see the over-eccentric nature of Vampire Knight, I was shocked, but also very amused.  
The quality of animation throughout this series is pretty high and particularly fluid. Many designs are beautifully gothic, and I personally loved the dark, gothic feel that the series captured throughout.
The music was also perfectly thought threw, again capturing an air of classical gothic about it, which just seemed to fully enrich the animation and plot even more.
The plot itself is dark and intense, but with that said, it seemed no different to any other romantic drama. Even so, there were still a large number of twists and turns, and I quite often found myself staying up until silly-o’clock just to watch ‘one more episode’.

Although there’s no denying the fact that it is cheesy, there’s still something about it which is just enjoyable. Maybe it’s the cool characters who are just enjoyable to watch, or maybe it’s the animation or soundtrack or plot. Honestly, I can’t quite put my finger on it, and as a whole, I’m giving Vampire Knight a 3/5.


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