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Thoroughly Modern Millie 2017 Tour Review

With only a distant memory of the plots skeleton, I found myself being dragged to the King’s Theatre Portsmouth last night, with my family, to endure ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’. Like a moody teenager, dressed in all black with the look of bemusement in my eyes, I took my seat in the half empty theatre and forced a smile to my face, preparing to tolerate almost three hours of overly cheerful torture…and yet, I instead found myself in awe of the spectacle in front of me.
Set in a 1920’s New York, a young, ‘modern’ by the name of Millie Dillmount escapes her life from Kansas, with hopes of marrying a rich husband in the big city. With a mind set on money as opposed to love, we see Millie battle between her head and heart as she makes the choice between her rich boss, Mr Graydon, or the attractive, yet penniless, Jimmy Smith. Away from Millie’s love life, a coinciding plot occurs, focusing on the Hotel Priscilla where Millie is staying. Run by Mrs Meers, leader of a white slavery ring wit…

Clueing for Looks in London

To celebrate the new year and a new series of Sherlock, the 21st January 2017 saw myself and Natalie embark on an adventure to London for our own, 'custom' Sherlock Tour. 

It's sad, we know, but if you are still reading this sentence, then you must still be somewhat intrigued by the concept of where we went and what we did, and, if you haven't seen it already, you can watch some snippets of our day in my vlog: here

The Map:

1/14: Waterloo Station
2: 221B Baker Street
3: Landmark Hotel
4: Speedy's Cafe and '221B'
5: St Barts Hospital
6: Old Baily 
7: Trafalgar Square
8: The British Academy
9: Buckingham Palace
10: Irene Adler's House
11: New Scotland Yard
12: Big Ben
13: London Eye

Relation to the Series:
1/14: Waterloo Station
Literally just a train station, but they do have a beer house inside, which is where we spend most of our time in London.
2: 221B Baker Street
Although not featured within the series, this is the real 221B, and is a great place to visit. We didn…

Hillywood's Suicide Squad Parody Review

Securing over two-million views in just over a week, Hannah and Hilly Hindi's latest parody of Suicide Squad defies expectations with its content, quality and overall perfection. 
Merging the not-so-popular 2016 release from Warner Brothers with Lady Gaga’s 2011 hit ‘Judas’, the Hillywood Show create one of their most dramatic and stunning videos yet, which easily surpasses the quality of the movie itself.
Focusing solely on Harley Quinn (portrayed by Hilly) and her twisted romance with infamous villain The Joker (played by Caine Keenan) the parody displays hidden depths to the damaged duo, which the 2016 movie glazed over in its overcrowded plot. With Harley taking the role of Gaga from the music video, every ounce of her pain, self-torture and insanity is displayed within carefully directed close-ups, without losing her cheerful exterior within the group dance moves.
The dances were carefully choreographed to match those of the original video, and the beautiful direction by Hannah …

Sue Perkins 'Spectacles' Tour Review

Honest, witty and more nostalgic than a 10p Fredo, Sue Perkins’ latest tour, ‘Spectacles’, was the perfect balance of a stand-up show and a book tour, neatly wrapped into a couple of side-splitting hours. Focusing largely on her seventies childhood, the show revolved around Sue becoming who she as today, varying from tales of her unglamorous holidays to Brighton, the terror of Public Safety adverts and not to mention the overall gut-wrenching horror that was her childhood haircut. Accompanied by just a screen to display some hilarious family photos, as well as some flattering photos (sense the sarcasm) of fellow bake host Mel, and a copy of her latest book from which she occasionally read, Sue filled the stage of the King’s Theatre Portsmouth with her brilliantly flamboyant persona, making you feel more like a friend than an audience member.
Revealing her hidden and unexpected depths, and insight into Perkins memoirs was a true treat, and although I am half the age of the majority of …