Airstrikes on Syria

This is a post that I didn’t think I would ever be writing, and to be honest, I am scared as hell to write it. I know how picky and pedantic people can get, especially when it comes to politics, so if I do miss out any major things, please bear in mind that I’m a 19 year old university drop out, who has A-Levels in film and Media, and who is also heavily sleep-deprived. I’m only human.

Earlier this evening, our government have decided to authorise UK action against Isis, and have voted to support air strikes in Syria.
To me, the news does not only sicken me, but it brings me to tears, knowing that my future will be nothing more than fear and war. Not only that, but there will be innocent Syrian men, women and children who go to sleep tonight, and are unlikely to wake up in the morning. How can these lives be treated as less valuable than those of people who are in Europe or America? How can anyone decided which drop of innocent blood is more valuable?
I mean, excuse me if I’m being human here, but it all just sickens me.
Isis isn’t even a country, so how could bombing a country help in the matter? Why should an entire nation be bombed due to the actions of a minority?
Why is the UK spreading hate, fear, war and slaughter any different to IS doing it?
On top of this, why can’t the government actually try to protect UK citizens, as opposed to stem war?
We have “no money” for NHS, education, the poor or mental health, but we do have money to spend of weapons.   
I feel like there’s no point of me even writing this, and that this nihilistic cloud will remain over me, as well as everyone else of my generation, until we die.
And if my death is caused by a terrorist act, DO NOT let it spread fear and DO NOT let it condone hate or war. I don’t want the sympathy of the government either, just an apology for what their actions are likely to cause.
I know that it feels like there is little we can now do, and that it’s easy to give up, but messages of love and peace will conquer that of hate and war. I remember reading somewhere that ISIS fear our unity more than airstrikes, due to the fact that it is hate and intolerance that will make it easier to radicalise young and desperate people.
Peace will never be won by war.

To sign a petition against UK airstrikes on Syria, click here.
There is so much more that can be said, but like most people, time is needed to let just how tragic this world is sink in.


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