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2016 Goals

I cannot believe that, with the exception of a couple of hiccups, I was able to actually complete my extended version of blogmas! I’m feeling very proud! For the last post of this year, I thought I would share with you all my New Year’s Resolutions. That’s right, it’s plural. In fact, it’s a whole list; but, when you’re a shitty person like me, there are a lot of improvements to be made. 2016 Blog More Find a job/Apprenticeship I Enjoy YouTube Make More Films Take More Photos Write Some Books Edit Books More Create a Choice Book With Luke Open my Clay Shop See People More Focus More On Me Actually Write In Calendar/Diary Cook More There’s my list! I would ask if there’s anything I could add to it, but I think that’s plenty. Let me know in the comments though if you have any resolutions this year. Heck, let me know anything in the comments, otherwise I get lonely!
Other than that, I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and I will speak again when I remember I actually have this blog!

What I Ate Wednesday 30.12.2015

Trust me to fall at the final hurdle, but in my defence, I’ve also managed to get a cold, just in time for the New Year…just my luck. As a result, I went to bed early and didn’t upload yesterday, so here is my half-hearted attempt of a ‘what I ate Wednesday’. Like usual, I slept through breakfast, and by the time I woke up and was ready, I was being rushed out the door. Before I left though, I did manage grab a couple of dark chocolate coated coffee beans (yes, they exist and yes, they are amazing) as well as a nakd bar. For those of you who don’t know what nakd bars are, they are healthy bars made of raw fruits and nuts, which are then slightly flavoured to taste like sweet treats. My favourites are Bakewell Tart, Apple Pie and Choco Orange, and I strongly suggest that if you are wanting to be healthier in the New Year, but also have a sweet tooth, then you pick some of these bars up. Due to being busy, I did then miss lunch, and when it got to dinner times, my mother and I where …

Vampire Knight Review

I must admit, one I first went to watch the vampire-themed anime Vampire Knight, it was due to my inner teenage girl phase squealing over vampirism. The 19-year-old me was more sceptical; however, I must admit that this show is now a guilty-pleasure. As you can tell from past reviews, I’ve only really watched darker, more serious animes, so when I began to see the over-eccentric nature of Vampire Knight, I was shocked, but also very amused.   The quality of animation throughout this series is pretty high and particularly fluid. Many designs are beautifully gothic, and I personally loved the dark, gothic feel that the series captured throughout. The music was also perfectly thought threw, again capturing an air of classical gothic about it, which just seemed to fully enrich the animation and plot even more. The plot itself is dark and intense, but with that said, it seemed no different to any other romantic drama. Even so, there were still a large number of twists and turns, and I quite…

All American Rejects - Move Along Review

From A Day To Remember to All-American Rejects – I feel like that’s quite the genre curve! What can you do though, due to the fact that most other A artists have CD’s which belong to my mum (ie ACDC, Aerosmith, etc), today’s album is All-American Rejects’ second studio album, Move Along. (I would insert a photo here, but HMV grafittied the case with 1000's of hideous sales stickers). Not only does this feature their massive hit Dirty Little Secret, it also features every emotional teenagers pleasures of Move Along and It Ends Tonight. Luckily though, this album isn’t the kind that only has a couple of hit songs, followed by some rushed, poorly written filers, and instead, it is consistently amazing and enjoyable. Track List:         1.Dirty Little Secret         2.Stab My Back         3.Move Along         4.It Ends Tonight         5.Change Your Mind         6.Night Drive          7.11:11pm         8.Dance Inside         9.Top of the World       10.Straightjacket Feeling       11.I’m Waiting  …

Weekly Recap 27.12.2015

Hey guys,
Today's meant to be a Sunday recap, but I think it's very clear by now that I'm bad at those. Especially this week which fully revolved around panicking over Christmas, celebrating Christmas and then recovering from Christmas.  As a result, there's no point in me going about the normal layout and repeating it all day by day, so instead, I will upload this little post, and then use the rest of the time to eat chocolate and read A Game Of Thrones.  Until tomorrow my friends, Heather

Christmas and Luke

Hello all,
I'm sure that, just like me, you have all been induced into a food hangover today, which can only mean one thing - you had a great Christmas.  This year, I was so spoiled, and have been treated to lots of books, chocolate and other bits I truly adore! I am a very happy and grateful bunny! Today, I will definitely spending the day recovering and reading, as well as celebrate my 2 and a half years with Luke.  Although it's tiring and difficult at times, we've managed to put up with each other for this long, and, without getting soppy, I couldn't have anyone better in my life.  To celebrate, here are a couple of photos I have of us on my phone:

Crafts - Home-made Christmas Presents

Happy Christmas/Christmas eve everyone!
To try and get into the spirit of things, I thought I would share some of the Christmas presents I had made for people this year.
This isn't something I usually do, but as I was out of money and ideas, I thought a little extra thought could help me out.
Bailey's Hot Chocolate Mix

Mulled Wine Kit

Mulled Port Kit

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookie Jars

Baking Mitt

Gardening Kit