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Game of Thrones Review

After a hell-ish holiday, meaning a week of drinking in a different country and suffering the possibility of the world falling out of my arsehole, I am finally up-to-date with the American fantasy-drama, Game of Thrones.
After months of saying that I will catch up with the programme, I finally got around to it, and have finished it in around a three week time frame, due to the fact that I was completely hooked.
Due to the number of characters and their complex names, I do struggle to remember what each of them are called, so the detail within this review will be lacking, but come on, who calls their child Daenerys or Ygritte?!
Back to the point of this, it's a difficult series to review, largely due to the number of twists and, to be frank, deaths that occur in each episode, let alone each series.
From season 1, we are introduced to several different protagonists, all of whom are seeming to participate in their own story lines, which do still contribute to the larger plot. Obviously, …