'Now You See Me' Review

It wasn’t until I was writing a plan up for Blogmas that I realised that I had never actually reviewed the Sharon Bolton book ‘Now You See Me’. I read this book a few months ago, and I must admit that I have read another two books of that series since then, but for this review, I’m using some notes I had found the notes I had written whilst I read it. Also, I did intend to accompany this post with a picture of the book, but when hunting for it, I realised it was up in Birmingham where my boyfriend is reading it, so just pretend that there’s a picture and that this blog is all professional.
‘Now You See Me’ is the first book of Lacey Flint Series, it definitely leaves the reader desperate for more. Engaging from the first sentence, this novel is a crime/detective thriller, based on the concept of a modern day Jack the Ripper.
To me, this concept and the way it was portrayed is flawless. Not only are there some intelligent links between the novels victims and the Ripper’s victims, but there was so much history appropriately explained, that minimal prior knowledge is needed. On top of this, the level of description was impeccable, meaning that each murder was so gruesomely detailed and will leave you with harrowing mental images.  
Lacey herself is quite a likeable and realistic, as are many of the characters, thus making this book easy to read and enjoyable. The only character issue I did have was the fact that some of the investigators were a bit dim, but I guess that was needed to make the story work. On top of this, the small amount of human error does add to the believability.
At one part in particular, I did feel as though this book got complicated; however, this is just something you need to carry on with, as all seemed to make sense in the end. This page turner does also include an unpredictable twist, which did seem to come from out of nowhere, but that did just add to the shock. At the end of this book, I was very curious to see how this series continues, and I can assure you that it is OUTSTANDING. I would recommend it to anyone who loves detective novels, or who is just starting out with this genre (like I was when I read this).

Overall, this book is so full of twist and turns, I feel like I must keep this review short to ensure I don’t ruin any of it. No words I write could do it justice, as it was flawlessly descriptive and highly suspenseful, and although there were a couple of tedious parts within it, it still had me reading until silly o’clock morning. 


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