Weekly Recap 13.12.2015

Happy Sunday everyone!
I thought these posts would be really nice and easy to write; however, now it’s Sunday and I can’t remember a single thing I’ve done this week. It has also been one of those weeks which have felt overly long! Like seriously, last Monday seems like a lifetime away!
Monday was spent in Birmingham! I can’t believe this was only a few days ago, as it feels like weeks ago now! I kept questioning whether I had got the week wrong, but apparently not.
Here are a couple of photos, but I discussed this trip in my other post (which can be found HERE), so don’t really see the point in repeating it (and to be honest, I really can be arsed!).
After the drive back home, I was exhausted to say the least.
I had therefore originally planned to just clean my room and sort out everyone’s Christmas presents…but I failed miserably.
I don’t know what happened to the day, but it just seemed to fully disappear and I had nothing to show for it (which is similar to my current state in life).
Wednesday, I had a small photoshoot with my amazing hamster, Albi. He is so fluffy and adorable, and I’m gradually managing to tame him!
When I first got him, he bit EVERYONE who tried to hold him except me, and now a few weeks later, he’s actually being okay. To be fair, he hates people as much as I do, so we are a perfect match.
I also went Christmas shopping with my mum and Nan, but the pair of them are AWFUL at shopping. They walk into a shop, look at stuff and then decide that they’ll buy it later. I’m pretty sure that I’ve already been Christmas shopping with my mum about 7 times now!
Lastly, my mum and I decided to put up the Christmas tree, in a desperate attempt to start feeling festive. We put on some “festive” My Chemical Romance, and then began to attack our overly large tree. I must admit, it didn’t turn out too bad.
Thursday was one of my favourite types of days, a day to just stay in and bake!
That’s literally all I did, starting with making a Victoria Sponge, then some soda bread and then a detox vegetable soup.

Originally, my mum and I had planned to go to a Christmas market; however, we couldn’t actually get parked. We then thought we would try going to another little shopping town, but ended up getting lost, and having to go down all these little country roads. I’m still not 100% sure where we were at that point, but eventually we found some shops civilisation and did a bit of Christmas Shopping.
I was also treated to lunch at Café Nero, where I had a cappuccino and one of their goats’ cheese and red pepper Paninis. Although the goats’ cheese was really strong, it was still lovely, and I managed to get some character ideas for a book I am planning from other customers in the shop.
When I eventually got home, I decided to make a couple of polymer clay things to try out some ideas. If you want a more detailed blog on either of these pieces I made, just let me know.

I don’t even know what happened to yesterday. To be honest, I really should write this post throughout the week, instead of just on Sunday. I feel like as the days go on, my paragraphs on them are becoming more and more vague, and have probably stopped making sense. I currently feel so tired, it’s like my body has gone into pilot typing mode, so I can only hope that some of this make sense!
I largely just did odd jobs and attempted to clean my room some more, but that was a hopeless and futile attempt. I also spent most of my day writing my 50 Shades Darker review, which took ages as I had no motivation to do so, and I kept getting distracted by YouTube Videos…oops.
Ohhhh, that’s today!
To start with, I sorted out the rest of my Christmas Presents. That’s literally all I can say about them at the moment, but there will be a blog post on them coming soon.
My mum then distracted me from my productive mood by taking me to Southsea to, once again, go Christmas shopping. I was very quick to get distracted from Christmas shopping though, and instead convinced her to buy me a dress and a pair of boots for my colleges awards evening next week.
She then also decided that you can’t go out shopping without going for lunch, so took me to one of hers and my dad’s favourite places, Capers. The food was beautiful! We both had smoothies and warm goats cheese salad, which was a lot more filling than we thought it would be. If any of you are ever in Southsea, I strongly advise you to go to Capers, and you will not be disappointed! I think I’m going to be dreaming about that meal for months!
When I got home, Albi had another little Photo Shoot. I’m hoping that this will soon train him to remain still, as in a week, one of my little cousins is coming over and may want to hold him. I can only hope that Albi will cooperate and that he doesn’t wake up on the wrong side of his cage.

 Lastly for today, I am going to a gig later to take some photos for the band. I probably won’t post this blog until I get back from that and catch up with Strictly Come Dancing, but I think that by the time I get in, I will not want to start writing reams and reams about my week. I’ll get in, and photos to this post and then curl up and pass out, all of which sounds like a great plan.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I shall talk at you tomorrow.



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