A Note for the Twits

This post is mainly one for those who follow me on Twitter.

A couple of people have now messaged me to complain about some of my tweets, which are often centred on my anxiety, and it’s really getting under my skin. I would understand the issue if the tweets were of a strongly triggering nature (like many others are on twitter), but they aren’t, and instead they focus on certain things that people have done that often trigger a panic attack for me.

On multiple occasions I have been called an attention seeker over these tweets, and as a result, I feel like I should explain why I do it.

I have over 700 followers on twitter, and from this I am assuming a maximum of 50 users will see one of my tweets. My logic is that if a single person sees the way in which anxiety could potentially be triggered in everyday situations, it could increase awareness, which, to me, is especially vital in situations which could be avoided. Practically all of the situations I’ve mentioned could have been avoided if people were more considerate, and before people make comments like ‘but we shouldn’t always have to think about you and your problems’, these changes are as simple as giving people a bit of space at situations like gigs or in queues. Basically, they are things that people should be doing anyway.

Sorry to rant, but I couldn’t restrict this to just 140 characters, so there you go.


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