2016 Goals Review

As some of you will remember, this time a year ago, I released what was thought to be my goals for this year. On the list, I basically included everything that I had wanted to achieve, and now, exactly one year later, I thought I would do a small review to let everyone know how much of a failure I truly am.

Blog More
Find a job/Apprenticeship I Enjoy
Make More Films
Take More Photos
Write Some Books
Edit Books More
Create a Choice Book
Open my Clay Shop
See People More
Focus More On Me
Actually Write In Calendar/Diary
Cook More

 As you can probably already assume from the tone of this, I don’t actually think I managed to achieve any of the goals I set out – I’ve hardly blogged, I haven’t worked on any writing, film or clay projects, and my organization has been at an all-time low.

I did go out a bit more than I had in 2015, and found an apprenticeship I sort of enjoy, but it’s safe to say that the start of the year was still a complete roller-coaster.

I’m sure it’s not as bad as my little brain is making it out to be, and hope to do a proper review of the year in the near future, but right now, I just want to celebrate the start of a new year, and as cheesy as it sounds, a new chapter within my life.

For 2017, I’ve yet to decide on a complete list of goals, but once I have, you guys will be the first to know.

Thank you for supporting me through another year, and I promise that I won’t neglect you as much in the future (I hope!)

I hope you all have a happy and safe new year,



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