The Twenties Project

To say that life hasn’t been manic would certainly be an understatement of the year.

I can’t work out whether I am trying to do too much, or if life just wants me to rush around like a headless chicken, but I have desperately tried to get everything done, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. And since recently turning 20, I find myself becoming more ambitious and panicking about the amount of time I have left in life before my inevitable death catches me.

As a result to the growing number of existential crises the greet me every hour, along with the disappointment of not being the person that I truly want to be, I decided to create a new goals list, titled as ‘Twenty things I want to do in my Twenties’.

I created a video to explain every point in more detail (so yes, this blog is a bit of a cop-out), but if you fancy just seeing the bare list to fulfill all of your listing desires, then this post is for you.

Twenty things I want to do in my Twenties  
1. Care more about me
2. Write more
3. Get organised
4. Grab opportunities by the balls
5. Don’t fear my own creativity
6. Find my ‘happy place’ (I know, that one is cheesy, but in              my defense, it was written in the early hours of the                    morning.)
7. Try things again
8. Give up smoking…eventually
9. Gain some self-respect
10. Make more videos
11. Stop taking Buzzfeed quizzes at 3am!
12. Be ambitious, not afraid
13. Read more
14. Leave the past behind me
15. Do the things I want to do
16. Look for solutions, not more problems
17. Be independent
18. In the words of the almighty MCR) Don’t let them take me alive
19. Stop worrying so much

If you want to watch the video, which covers everything in a lot more detail, you can find it here.

So there you go, this is the start of what could otherwise be known as the twenties project.
Will I fail? Hopefully not.

But at least I have ten years to desperately attempt to complete something.


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