What I Ate Wednesday 13.01.2016

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Today, I felt like I should actually try really hard to watch what I eat for this post. Although I didn’t have millions of plans, I have still needed to go to the doctors, and to a gig to do some photography, so a lot of my time was consumed.
Breakfast was my usual affair of Weetabix with banana and pecans, accompanied with green tea.

Although this is my usual breakfast, I still often find that I get really peckish mid-morning time. As a result, I thought I would have a homemade detox beetroot juice accompanied by a gluten-free and sugar-free carrot and ginger muffin, the muffin seems to magically turn into a very un-paleo Cherry Bakewell…oops?
For lunch, I made up a tomato, spinach, basil, feta, lettuce and pepper salad, which was delicious! I had found a recipe for a salad dressing somewhere which I did use with this, but can longer find the recipes.
I then had an early tea of prawns with ginger and spring onion, accompanied with fried rice. This was all homemade, however, I don’t feel like I should post a recipe, because it’s not yet perfect.
I then had the gig to take photos at, and anyone who does gig photography will understand just how tiring and draining it can be. It’s constantly a case of twisting your body into strange positions, just to get a half decent photo!
Anywho, when I then got home from this at 10pm, I felt really hungry so had a veggie burger. I did try to be good by having it with a gluten free roll; however, the burger itself was still covered in breadcrumbs.
Hey ho, it was still the perfect partner with my well-deserved pint. 


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