How Many Goals Have I Broken?!

Hey Guys,
It's safe to say, I've been a lousy blogger so far this year, but in my defence, I have had a tricky couple of weeks. On top of that, I've sort of ignored my 2016 goals, but I thought that to get back into blogging tonight by going through my list, and seeing how many I'm currently on track to achieve.
Blog More - A clear fail!
Find a job/Apprenticeship I Enjoy - I'm looking
YouTube - I bigger fail than blogging
Make More Films - I do have a couple of projects in the works!
Take More Photos - A couple I guess
Write Some Books - Nopeskies
Edit Books More - Extra nopeskies
Create a Choice Book With Luke - I kind of forgot about this...
Open my Clay Shop - DONE! (although its not popular)
Focus More On Me - Double NOPEEEEEEEE
Actually Write In Calendar/Diary - ...oops
Cook More - I think we can all guess the answer to this

So there we have it...I'm still a shitty, lazy person that you all know and love! 


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