What I Ate Wednesday 06.01.2016

Even though I was admittedly horrific at doing this, What I Ate Wednesday is going to stay, and this time, I’ll actually make the effort!
My day started with quite a large breakfast. Not only had I been ill for the past few days, but I also ended up sleeping through dinner last night, so woke up really hungry.
In fact, I was then hungry all day, and I think that is made clear by the amount I ate…oops?
I started the day in the best was I could; green tea, a smoothie and Weetabix with banana and pecans.
I know that it isn’t very interesting for most people, but Weetabix are usually my main breakfast, just because they are quick, filling and easy. Other than them, I do try to avoid eating wheat throughout the rest of the day as it often makes me feel icky and bloated.
As for the green tea, it was mango and lychee flavour, which taste very light and floral, so I would suggest trying it if you like those kinds of tastes. Personally, I really enjoy it, particularly in the morning before breakfast to just wake up my taste buds.
The smoothie was a recipe I made up on the spot – but it was delicious!
I simply put 300ml of orange juice, 100ml of natural yogurt, a squeeze of honey and 100ml of frozen fruit into a blender and blitzed it.
The fruit I used is the Crop's Fruit for Smoothies mix and I find that they not only blend well, but is also a delicious mix of fruit.
I then poured my smoothie into a pint glass, in the hope that it would magically turn to beer.
Lunch was a lot bigger than what I would usually have, due to my boyfriend and I still being hungry.
I went for making the meal that we had planned to have the night before – seafood spaghetti.
I made this with gluten free spaghetti, which is a change I would suggest to anyone who is trying to lose weight. I found that cutting out wheat not only helps weight loss, but also makes me feel less bloated and bleugh.
Instead of a shop bought tomato sauce, I tossed the spaghetti in some sundried tomato paste. I think I picked this up from Sainsbury’s, and again, I would advise making this change if you’re trying to be a bit healthier.
It doesn’t take an expert to know that shop bought pasta sauces are overly processed and full of sugar, so to be healthier, we should really make our own. With that said, most people, myself included, are usually a bit too busy with life to make up sauces all the time, so I find sun dried tomato paste is a quick and easy alternative.
As for the seafood part, I picked up a precooked pack and just threw it in to warm it threw. Usually, I wouldn’t do this, however, it was a quicker option, and I have no idea how to cook mussels of squid.
I actually ended up going to a pub up the road for dinner.
We’ll ignore the three pints I had, I kind of opted for a slightly healthy option of their Roasted Vegetable Wedge.
I wasn’t too sure on what to expect from this, but it was absolutely beautiful.
And as you can tell by the photo, I enjoyed it so much, I only remembered to get a picture of it halfway through.


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