Crafts - Panda Charm

I feel like todays craft blog is a bit of a cop out, purely because I haven’t had much time to make anything this week. On top of that, my room has been hit with the post-Christmas mess, so all has been a struggle.
With that said, I have still managed to make up a little Panda necklace charm, as inspired by my friend Natalie who is obsessed with Pandas.
To start, I rolled out a small blob of white clay and shaped it into the pandas head. To this, I attached two small black balls of clay to make the ears.

I cleaned the clay with a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol, waited for that to all evaporate, and added a small hook between the ears to allow this charm to be worn on a necklace. I then baked it for around 10 minutes at 120oC.
Once it had cooled, I simply painted on its eyes and mouth.
I did also try glossing the charm, but found that, not only did it smudge the paint, it just didn’t look good, so I would advise it.

Now, another factor of why I haven’t had much time to make any little creative projects is because I have finally opened my own little Etsy shop!
I’m so excited about this, and am constantly thinking of new products to stock it with.
If you do like cute and quirky jewellery, please go and check it out and share it with your friends!


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