All American Rejects - When The World Comes Down Review

Following on from last week’s post, today, I’m finally getting around to writing a review of All American Rejects 2009 release, When The World Comes Down.
Following up from their 2005 marketable smash Move Along, it’s safe to that expectations were high, and so disappointment was pretty much inevitable.
Track List
      1.       I Wanna
      2.       Fallin’ Apart 
      3.       Damn Girl
      4.       Gives You Hell
      5.       Mona Lisa
      6.       Breakin’
      7.       Another Heart Calls
      8.       Real World
      9.       Back To Me
    10.   Believe
    11.   The Wind Blows
I Wanna is the first song of the album – and is one of the weakest opening songs I’ve ever heard. There’s no denying that this song is catchy; however the lyrics are that of a basic pop song, and the overall sound is just a bit bored.
This is something I noticed throughout the album, as listening to it just felt like a dull chore. The fun, energetic sound that the band once captured was just completely lost, and in its place was a miserable drone of both instruments and vocals.
A slight redemption of the album is the fact that it features the popular single Gives You Hell. With that said, I find that this song does work better as a single, and the rest of the album spoils it. As a single, it’s a fun, energetic anthem, whereas on the album, it’s just another addition to a dull fiasco.
With that said, a clear improvement is made as the songs go on, although there is still a clear lack of energy in comparison to previous work. Mona Lisa is a nice little song which I always find easy to listen to, even though its about declaring love at the end of the world. This is then followed by Breakin’, which erupts into a clearly notable energy change which the album needed.
A real jolt of raw emotion is captured within Another Heart Calls, which is also my boyfriends favourite All American Rejects song – which is completely understandable. I think he would kill me though if I said a single bad word against this song, but luckily, I can’t find one. It is defiantly the strongest of the album. Similarly, Believe is also strong and is one that never fails to get my foot happily tapping away.
Overall, I think it is definitely worth only listening to the second half of this album, as the first few songs are just a bit of a cop out. Maybe I would feel differently if I listen to each song individually and take a break before listening to the next one; however, as a whole, the album is just a bit draining.


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