Would You Rather Review

As I have now mentioned repeatedly within this blog, I have recently started using my sisters Netflix, which turns out to be great if you enjoy nothing more than an amateur horror movie. Although many of these films are absolutely, appallingly poor, one film which I came across was actually surprisingly good and enjoyable. Its name; ‘Would you Rather’.
Directed by David Guy Levy, ‘Would you Rather’ displays the story of a young girl, Iris (Brittany Snow), who is desperate to save her sick bother. After being given the offer of a lifetime, Iris and several other victims unknowingly agree to partake in a horrific game of ‘would you rather’, hosted by a sadistic millionaire.
As previously mentioned, my hopes for this film were not high when I first clicked to watch it, especially after sitting through an overly long title sequences, which was made up largely of a poor-quality x-ray style of editing.  I also found the large number of jerky zooms (which were only really used within the first thirty minutes of the film) to be distracting and nauseating, and the film itself did take a while to start, thus furthering my premeditated dislike.   
These aspects used alongside the stereotypical characters of a na├»ve, young and blonde female victim, being manipulated by a slimy, middle-aged male millionaire would usually make me turn off a film; however, the films concept did keep me intrigued enough to continue. I personally really enjoyed the deadly and heavily gruesome twist that had been applied to a children’s game, especially when partnered with an equally dark and twisted script. With that said, there is the occasional cheesy line, which are largely hilarious and add some comic relief.
The character’s appearances within this film were something that I did largely admire. In many horrors, characters can go through a large and torturous ordeal and still look annoyingly stunning.  This was not the case in ‘Would you Rather’, meaning that even the main character looked realistic in regard to what she went through.
Even with its flaws, this film was still heavily enjoyable and seemingly well thought out in regard to torture techniques. No event was weaker than the next, and in fact, the gruesome nature of the film increased as the film went on, meaning that it is not for the faint hearted, but great for those, like me, who love nothing more that gore-y horrors.
The only part of this film that I felt let it down by taking away for its enjoy-ability is the ending. Not only can we tell who will win the game, due to a server lack of character, but the actual ending is booth poor and predictable, thus taking away from what we had just watch.
As a whole though, I would definitely suggest this film to gore and horror lovers. The concept is interesting and the characters aren’t overly irritating. The only suggestion I would give is turning it off  before the ending, unless you want to feel a strong pang of disappointment.


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