Looking for JJ Review

Anne Cassidy’s novel ‘Looking for JJ’ is one that I read after it had been suggested in a video by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Within this video, she stated that it was one of those books that she had read when she was younger, and felt as though it stuck with her forever – a feeling which is completely understandable.
Looking for JJ is a gripping novel that explores an intriguing concept regarding  the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child by her own friend. Six years after the incident, JJ has been released with a new identity; however, is there really the possibility that she can lead a "normal" life anymore?
To begin with, I have no idea who to suggest this book to. It has a very simplistic writing style, which seemed a little too simple for a young adult reader-base; however, many of the topics addressed were more adult. I do, therefore, assume that it is intended for a young adult base, but more advanced readers may find the style infuriating simple.
With that said, I must now contradict myself by stating that some aspects of the plot were a little too complicated to understand. These were also often worsened by grammatical errors, or followed by some tedious aspects. The tediousness and long-windedness of the plot is probably my main criticism of the book, as I feel as though it was intended for character development, but I didn’t feel any form of emotions towards any of the characters.

Although I will still probably read the sequel, I still feel as though the first half of this book was rather dull, but I also largely believe that’s due to the fact that I am slightly older and have read ‘darker’ books. Although this review isn’t overly complementary, I would still say this book is okay, but definitely for a slightly younger reader.


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