Inside Out Review

Inside Out is the latest Pixar creation, so obviously, it was AMAZING!
The plot surrounds the concept of growing up, and the way in which we emotionally react to major changes within life. We mainly focus on the emotions of the character Riley, a young girl, who has lived a majorly happy life until her parents decide to move house and turn her world upside down.
Throughout the film, we are shown the inside of characters heads, allowing us to view the communications between the five predominant emotions – joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust – thus making a very interesting and enjoyable concept.
However much I hated the Volcano pre-film (which did make me panic as I thought it was the actual film), the film itself was fantastic, especially for an older audience. Due to the amount that I laughed in comparison to the younger kids, I do feel like you have to be 18+ to understand some of the humour, especially when there are comments about imaginary friends or puberty, as well as find some of the emotions to be relatable. On top of this, the story line itself can become slightly complex, thus leaving some of the very small kids slightly confused at certain times.
There is also some key attention to detail which I feel was used to please and stem humour for the adults, for example, at the end of the film, Riley’s ‘emotions controlling board’ is made bigger (which, to me, symbolises the number of different emotions you feel when growing up), as well as concepts such as the fact that, when inside a bus drivers head, all of his emotions are shaped like anger. These little touches do then make the film enjoyable for both adults and kids, something that Pixar always manages to achieve.
There is a very clear moral repeated throughout this visually-stunning film, which is that it is okay to feel sad sometimes, even though this film does leave you in a good, and somewhat thoughtful, mood after watching it. This moral is also achieved due to the fact that Sadness was an amazing character, who had a large number of great one-liners and larger comedic moments.

Without trying to ruin anymore of the joke or surprises which this films withholds, it wasn’t what I expected, and was instead a lot better. This film is wise, comedic and tender, therefore making it a great family film, which you can watch again and again.     


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