Sue Perkins 'Spectacles' Tour Review

Honest, witty and more nostalgic than a 10p Fredo, Sue Perkins’ latest tour, ‘Spectacles’, was the perfect balance of a stand-up show and a book tour, neatly wrapped into a couple of side-splitting hours.
The Simplistic Stage
Focusing largely on her seventies childhood, the show revolved around Sue becoming who she as today, varying from tales of her unglamorous holidays to Brighton, the terror of Public Safety adverts and not to mention the overall gut-wrenching horror that was her childhood haircut. Accompanied by just a screen to display some hilarious family photos, as well as some flattering photos (sense the sarcasm) of fellow bake host Mel, and a copy of her latest book from which she occasionally read, Sue filled the stage of the King’s Theatre Portsmouth with her brilliantly flamboyant persona, making you feel more like a friend than an audience member.

Revealing her hidden and unexpected depths, and insight into Perkins memoirs was a true treat, and although I am half the age of the majority of the audience, her stories, comments and comedic antidotes were still heavily relatable, especially when discussing her mum hoarding her childhood, and when looking through the family photos. Although the show was not fully what I had expected, it was deeply comforting and brought a smile to my face on a rainy, Portsmouth night. 

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