Hillywood's Suicide Squad Parody Review

Securing over two-million views in just over a week, Hannah and Hilly Hindi's latest parody of Suicide Squad defies expectations with its content, quality and overall perfection. 

Merging the not-so-popular 2016 release from Warner Brothers with Lady Gaga’s 2011 hit ‘Judas’, the Hillywood Show create one of their most dramatic and stunning videos yet, which easily surpasses the quality of the movie itself.

Focusing solely on Harley Quinn (portrayed by Hilly) and her twisted romance with infamous villain The Joker (played by Caine Keenan) the parody displays hidden depths to the damaged duo, which the 2016 movie glazed over in its overcrowded plot. With Harley taking the role of Gaga from the music video, every ounce of her pain, self-torture and insanity is displayed within carefully directed close-ups, without losing her cheerful exterior within the group dance moves.

The dances were carefully choreographed to match those of the original video, and the beautiful direction by Hannah ensures there isn't a single hair out of places. In fact, the direction can in no way be faulted, and seamlessly creates one of Hillywood shows most stunning yet difficult parodies to date. With careful camerawork, stunning cinematography and breath-taking pyrotechnics, Hannah’s direction and keen eye ensured that the true budget of this parody was not reviled, and instead, mirrored the quality and extravagance of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The acting and characterisation were at such a high level, no celebrity cameos were needed this time round. In fact, Hilly and Caine had such perfect on screen chemistry, at a performance level that is on par, and debatably at times better, than that of Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, I feel as though featuring one of the main cast member of the original Suicide Squad film could have taken away from what the Hillywood show created.    

The camera work and cinematography is something I must draw back to once more, as to me, these were truly two elements that created such a strong visual merge of the music video and the film. It is completely incomprehensible such a low budget can create a parody of Suicide Squad which is better than the film itself, and yet Hannah and Hilly managed this, drawing the best parts from the movie and Gaga’s video to do so. I really hope that the complexity and skill with the camera work continues to grow, and I still can’t believe how much of a leap this was from their last parody of Sherlock.
On top of this, the costumes, make-up, wigs and tattoos completely defied expectation. Every small detail was perfect on screen, and at times, it was a challenge to tell whether you were actually watching the original cast. Each costume, accessory or set piece was so carefully planned and executed, that every time I re-watch the video, I find a new piece of detail that I had previously missed, including elements of the editing, which payed an incredible homage to the movie.

From colouring to frantic blurs, the editing was outstanding. Without the detailed editing, I don’t feel as though this video would be as strong as it is, but to me, everything is on point. From the title screen to the coloured, drawn-style frame at the end outlining the Jokers face, I was astonished at the quality of editing, and envy the skills of all those involved within the process.

Lastly, one thing I must discuss, is the choice of song. After a first lesson, I found myself unsure of whether or not I enjoyed it, yet after a second listen, it was tattooed to my brain. It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of pop music, and have never really listened to Lady Gaga, and yet, the sound and message within her original song complemented the Harley and Joker storyline so well, especially with the adapted lyrics. The vocalist did the song great justice, and it is certainly one that will remain stuck in my head for all eternity.

Although I would have missed a million point I had hope to cover, this is where I shall end. In all honestly, the parody is captivatingly beautiful, without a single flaw being bought to my attention. Don’t believe me? Watch it here.


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