Steak of Shame

‘Heather, it’s 7:02am, you have nothing to do so sit down and finally write that blog post!’

Hi guys (by ‘guys’, I’m referring to the two people who probably read this),
Due to my current level of laziness and sever lack of motivation, I haven’t actually written any full reviews in ages. As a result, this poor little blog has been neglected like a piece of homework, and it’s for that reason that I thought I’d try and get into the habit again.
Originally, I had just planned to do a little post about my day, accompanied with a couple of pictures. The only problem is that I never got round to writing it up, and now it’s about a week later (okay, it’s actually nearing two weeks, so what, bite me).
For that reason, I scrapped that idea, and instead am thinking about trying it again next week, but knowing me, I will forget, so sorry in advance.
The reason that I am documenting this verbal diarrhoea now, however, is because I have a confession to make… I broke my vegetarianism.
For the pedantic arses amongst you, technically I am a pescetarian, meaning that I do still eat fish, but that is too difficult to keep trying to spell.
“But Heather, why would you happily eat a fish but not a pig? Blah blah blah”
Well irritating person, in the words of the legend that is Kurt Cobain;
“It’s okay to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.”
I am, of course, joking, but my real reason is far too much for me to try and type in this post without losing interest, so maybe that can have its own little post one day.
Back to the point at hand (I think that’s the saying), I did eat meat the other day, and it was beautiful. I know I should sound guilty, but actually, I wouldn’t want that animal’s death to go towards misery, so, for the sake of being a good person, I will sound grateful. The meat in question was a piece of steak, but not just any piece of steak, a blue fillet steak.
Doesn’t it look fantastic?! How was I meant to resist.
My family were all obviously shocked, because it’s quite rare for a pescetarian to order the rawest and bloodiest bit of meat on the menu, but what can I say, I’m practically a vampire.
Anyway, I don’t know how that information can improve anyone’s day, but I felt that I should share it any way.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and continue eating mushrooms in shame.
Until next post (in other words, ‘until next century’)


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