Hey guys,
This blog post is going to be a lot more chatty, as I have been pretty silent lately, but that's because I literally have no motivation.
Like none...
I have plenty of things to potentially review (due to the fact that I can now spend hours watching copious amounts of anime and reading), but I always feel too tired and lazy to actually get off my arse, grab a note pad and make some notes.
Hopefully, I'll just plow through constant desire to just lay down and do nothing, which is why this post of gibberish and pointless thoughts is being shared.
In fact, maybe I'll even do a couple more posts like this, as they are a lot less heavy to write in comparison to a review.
Again, pointless thoughts and gibberish.
For now though, I'm going to go and get a mug of tea, in a desperation to defrost.
I do plan to maybe attempt to start a review today, but I'm not sure if that will actually happen. It's more likely that I will just watch 13 hours of Netflix instead.
And you know what, I won't regret a single minute of it!


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