Pokemon Adventures

As a kid, I only followed one religion: Pokemon. Whether it be watching the program or playing the game on my Gameboy Colour, it was always a large proportion of my day, until I went to junior school and my priorities changed, causing me to be fixated on the concept of superficial popularity, as opposed to Ash and Pikachu.
It wasn't until recently that I regained my interest in Pokemon, and started reading the first Pokemon Adventure manga. Admittedly, I did start this as a way to break up my somewhat torturous reading of 50 Shades (a review which will come later (no pun intended)), but I have to say, it was enjoyable.
Obviously, it's backwards layout threw me at first, but after a couple of pages, it felt natural and I no longer had to focus on reading, but instead the images.
Of course, all manga drawings are amazing, and the speech is realistic for the characters and direct in comparison to the story line. Enough information of the plot was given via the speech, and it wasn't made overly complicated. I suffer from slow processing, which often means that long, wordy and complicated books are overly difficult for me to read; however, Pokemon was just enjoyable. Due to the fact it's manga, it didn't need to describe every distinctive detail or allow audiences to know the extensive history of the characters. Instead, you could just focus on the books present plot line and conflicts, and you could learn enough about the characters via their mode of address and reactions.
Overall, the story line was interesting and engaging, and definitely leaves you wanting more. It's nice to read after a stressful day when you just want cheering up, and I would definitely advice anyone who enjoys Pokemon or manga in general to give Pokemon Adventures a go! 


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