This blog was supposed to be centred around reviews; however recent events have lead me into such a state of anger that I feel the need to express my opinion. As practically all of you know, the internet has recently been flooded with the latest pop news of Zayn Malik leaving the (in my opinion, dreadful) boy band, One Direction. Obviously the (largely) teenage community fled to twitter to "mourn", and before long, "cut4zayn" was trending.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the society we live in. A society were mental illness and serious issues are mocked, assumably due to their lack of understanding.
Not only were many people forced to stare at triggering and disturbing images, but others then continued to mock the concept of self harm.
But just think, would the same happen to a physical illness. Would people walk around saying "that is so cancerous" as opposed to "that is so depressing". Of course they wouldn't, because it's sick!
To make this whole event worse, it was announced the day before that 150 people, include teenagers and babies, were killed in the Germanwings plane crash.
Where the fuck is their hashtag! Why are people sat at home destroying their perfectly healthy bodies and lives when 150 people will never be able to walk again.
If anyone has the answers, please enlighten me, because I seriously think something needs to be done regarding the main priorities of a modern society.
My thoughts can only go out to the families and friends of those whom had their lives prematurely taken from them.
And for those who supported "cut4Zayn"...get the FUCK off of my blog you vile specimen. You sicken me.


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