Joel Dommett Review

After propelling to fame as the hilarious heartthrob on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ last year, Joel Dommett has become a household name, with many sceptics, myself included, now seeing him live to determine whether his stand-up shows live up to a high expectation.

Yes, that is my chuffed little face at stage door!

Accompanied with the perfect pre-show set list, which reminded me of my true, 13-year-old emo phase (which after 7 years I am still waiting to grow out of), Joel’s infectious energy and enthusiastic storytelling filled the entirety of the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton with instantaneous laughter, that continued throughout the evening. From storytelling to observation, dating fails to a confetti canon, a high level of excitement was maintained throughout, stemming one of the most relaxed, yet hilarious, atmospheres I’ve felt to date.

Joel’s overall persona, performance and stage presence are well-crafted in the most genuine way possible, allowing an instant connection with each and every member of the audience. Performing a truly unique set which refuses to stick to just one style, I can easily say that Joel Dommett has now taken the title for the funniest comedian I have seen live to date, and I urge everyone, especially the ‘I’m a Celeb’ sceptics, to see him live at least once.

Hilarious, to the point where I was me crying and squeaking with laughter in the most unattractive way, I’m glad that eating a kangaroo’s dick on live television has allowed his talent to be recognised at a much larger and well-deserved scale.

With all that said, I do have just one small issue…the show did feature the worst cover of ‘Last Resort’ that I have ever heard, so I advise that all Papa Roach fans do prepare themselves for this in advance…

Overall, a flawless performance that you wish would never come to an end. Joel leaves you wanting more, and this is the only time in my life where I can proudly say that I was shot in the eye with a laser dick.

Funny, flawless and incredibly quick thinking, this guy deserves every success in the upcoming future. Joel Dommett has a pure talent for comedy, showcased perfectly within this set.


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