'Some People V. Reginald D. Hunter' Review

After years of watching Reginald D. Hunter take to the stage on popular comedy shows, I was thrilled to be seeing him for the first time live at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. With nothing to base his live performance on, I didn’t quite know what to anticipate, and boy was I shocked at some of the material I heard.

Accompanied by friend and fellow comedian Glenn Wool, the show, titled ‘Some People V. Reginald D. Hunter’ started off with a series of deeply honest and controversial jokes, intertwined with relatable silliness. Glenn was a great storyteller, with his clear anger bagging many laughs from the audience as a whole, and his controversy collecting a medley of laughs and gasps from the intimate audience (and yes, I was one of the terrible humans who was laughing).

This level of comedy only escalated throughout the evening, as both comedians depicted their take on society in a searingly honest way, covering tabooed subjects such as race and sexuality, in a manner I feel only they could manage to get away with. Although I am not easily offended, there were a few occasions that I sat in silence, but these were brief, and I was quick to be laughing hysterically once more shortly after.

It appears that I was not the only one who expected a slightly more censored and politically correct show, although my vile sense of humour ensured that I still found both Reginald and Glenn hilarious, but the woman sat to my left remained still and silent throughout. As a warning, the show is highly controversial, which, as mentioned above, I didn’t expect after seeing his TV appearances, and you will be introduced to a distinctively blunt take on subjects within today’s society; however, Reginald did seem to ensure there was something for everyone within the audience, and some of the harder content is perfectly split up with some light-hearted jokes and fantastic stories.

With his relaxed style and carefree nature, Reginald D Hunter did create a cracking show, and I still firmly believe that, due to his carefree attitude, he is able to cover such tabooed and controversial topics that many would shy away from. The evening was deeply entertaining, and I feel as though the pairing of Reginald and Glenn was a perfect choice, and definitely allowed some warning to the audience of what to expect as the show continued (although the woman next to me clearly did not pick up on that).  

This show is not for the easily offended, but if you are interested in tickets, click HERE.


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