I Won't Give In - Asking Alexandria Review

As every Asking Alexandria fan knows, the departure of Danny and arrival of Denis was somewhat unnerving. Not only did the band lose great vocals, but they also lost a seemingly great personality (even though that personality all seemed to be a fa├žade for the fans). Even after Denis was announced and assumed to take Danny’s place, there was still a painful wait before the first track was released in May, and it was definitely what fans had been waiting for.
‘I Won’t Give In’ is the first track to be released with Denis’s vocals, and I must admit, that the new sound is a great comeback.  At first, I was admittedly uncertain as it, to me, sounded completely different to the previous sound. The start sounded like the lovechild of Yashin and Linkin Park, and it didn’t sound like Asking Alexandria anymore. But then, I listened to it again, and realised how stupid I had previously been.
Not only does the song show off Denis’ amazing range and vocal capability, but the different sound meant that Denis’s talent wasn’t wasted in Danny’s shadow.  Throughout, the heavier sound to the instruments in comparison to vocals sounded incredible, and really made you listen to the music, although I did still prefer the screaming parts.

As for the lyrics, I felt they were a little simple in comparison to previous work, but at the same time, they got to the point. This is the ‘break-up’ song that all fans expected, and now, hopefully, the band can move on and excel. Each member seems to feel very positive about the new record, and if it is anything like this single, I for one am excited for it too. 


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