From Dusk till Dawn - Season 1 Review

As a vampire lover and Netflix enthusiast, it didn’t take me long to start on the Netflix original series ‘From Dusk till Dawn’. Personally, I had never seen, or even heard, of the original film prior to starting this series, so have no pre-existing knowledge or expectations, and definitely no pre-existing grudges. This seemed to be a rare occurrence in some of the other reviews I had read, and personally felt as though the series deserved its own independent review, as opposed to just another comparison. (I should also add that this review is only in regard to the first series, as that is all I have currently watched).
With the exception of the occasional wooden acting from some of the minor characters, the overall performances from the cast were acceptable, and I felt as though the actor’s appearance fitted their roles. The appearances of the modern Gecko brothers was something that I saw being insulted and criticized endlessly because they were “too attractive”; however, I like the fact that they were good looking, as to me, it added to their cool, cocky and confident personas.
Linking on to this concept of characterization, the acting of Richie, Seth and Kate (the daughter) was amazing, as was Richie and Seth’s chemistry and connection. The way in which the family’s and brother’s story-line intertwine was also admirable and intelligent, all be it somewhat predictable. This was probably the only predictable aspect of the series, as everything else was slightly more shocking, erratic and full of suspense.
I must admit that the story-line did seem to slightly decline as the series went on. The first few episodes were intriguing, suspenseful and well thought through. The character’s confusion surrounding Richie and whether he was honest or insane, was portrayed to the audience, which made it enjoyable and enigmatic. This was however then lost and episodes felt slightly dragged out. This wasn’t a major issue for me, it was just a shame that the episodes lost their momentum.

Overall, the series is enjoyable, and will be one which I continue to watch. There was a cool twist on the vampire concept, and the characters are likable and intriguing. There is good chemistry between the brothers and as a whole, the series is somewhat binge-able and compelling. 


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